For a long time now, I have been experiencing numerous difficulties in deciding whether I at any point in time settle for the idea of using imitation décor that is a replica. For instance, I have never been a great fan of covering the floor with wood flooring. It is, however, undoubtable that it looks great. You will often hear a distinctive sound whenever you walk on it. It will make you doubt whether the wood flooring is genuine or not. There would normally be a “tap” sound with every step you make.


When wood look porcelain was introduced in the market, I smiled and thought to myself that I would never use these particular tiles. Back in those days, boards were around 18 inches long. On the other hand, genuine wood boards are always much longer than the normal or regular wood sheets. I can’t seem to understand whom they were trying to trick because it is so obvious that those wood like tiles are simply fake.

In the present day, wood tile flooring is exceptionally different when compared to earlier days. This stuff completely resembles genuine wood. Longer boards are also currently available and they extend in lengths of up to 36 inches long. You can quickly join tiles on their rectified edges. These wood flooring tiles possess gout lines that are rarely visible with the texture depicted beautifully.

I have been seeing this product almost everywhere I go.

During the #BlogTourVegas at the 2015             New American Home Vegas in Ruggles Green, there was this fantastic restaurant in the Woodlands. It has the new tiles that each and every major tile distributors all of a sudden debut in the United States.

I adore it because it is all over.

You can now enjoy and have fun looking at a wood floor even on spots like bathroom. You can therefore not help appreciating wooden floors when you come across them in places like market and building entryways, restaurants and business spaces, where wood flooring was at some point thought of as being useless.

I honestly cherish the fact that these products are bringing forth new ideas and designs that can be used by architects. There are numerous choices to choose from that make wood look tiles a genuinely attractive construction component. I am not referring to selecting a wood look tile with an aim of faking wood, but instilling the feel of a wood looking floor or space.

If considering to introduce wood look tiles for each and every available space in your home with the imagination that it would be strong and bring about the appearance of an original floor, reconsider this owing to the fact that there is something that would easily, if not immediately sell it out – the sound.

Drop a quarter on a wooden floor and do the same on a wood look tile and listen out for the difference between the two.

Now, walk over a wooden floor with leather soled shoes. Do the same for a wood look tile and you will note that there’s dissimilarity.

Again, stride bare foot on a wooden floor and repeat the same on a wood look tile. You will most definitely realize that there’s a difference between the two.

I take into consideration whatever a real estate agent would put on his or her advertisement when selling a house. You would rarely see a note stating that there is tile flooring all through. However, a note that states “Hardwood Flooring throughout” would evoke a more appealing effect on potential buyers. This would without a doubt be a selling point that enthusiastic home buyers would be on the lookout for.

The primary concern with regards to wood look flooring tiles is that it isn’t genuine wood. Even if someone may not notice immediately, they most definitely would sooner or later. None the less, you should use it for what it is and not what it could be. This is a tile that should be acknowledged because of the fact that the material used is of high value. The appearance is fascinating and it brings out the characteristic component of a space.

Finally, when selecting the kind of floor you would need to use all through your home, the main question you’ll have to ask yourself is whether you need a wood floor or a tile floor. Once you come up with the answer to this, that would be the choice you just made. Do not forget the fact that you are not tricking anyone as much as it can be strong and wonderful flooring option.