With the increasing costs in monthly bills, homeowners strive to search for appliances to install for the comfort of their homes which only affords them a little generation of power output. Such is the case when choosing air conditioning (AC) systems that are energy-saving. And a significant choice that provides energy-saving capacity is one of the latest technologies called the inverter AC. Installers can vary in quality, we highly recommend Air Repair Pros for any air conditioning repair or replacement.

What is Inverter Air Conditioning?

This technology uses an inverter unit to regulate the compressor motor’s speed, consequently monitoring and controlling the temperature in a room. Inverter-type AC has a variable-frequency drive that converts AC to DC voltage which in turn regulates the speed of the compressor by modifying the current and frequency of the power whenever it detects a change in the temperature within a room.

The whole process saves power in contrast to the non-inverter AC, which takes up a lot of energy with its on/off system. When the temperature is high, the compressor will be switched on, and when the temperature drops down, it will be switched off. This process takes a significant amount of starting current. Therefore, there is greater energy consumed.

So if you’re debating whether to get an inverter AC or not, here are more reasons that may help you make up your mind:

The inverter AC system is an energy-saver.

Inverter ACs may have more expensive initial cost, but you will realize that you have saved a lot of money in the long run. As stated earlier, the inverter technology regulates the speed of the compressor, and this saves about 30% to 50% of your total power consumption, where the non-inverter air conditioners cost you additional 30% to your monthly bills because it consumes large start up current.

It provides greater comfort to your home.

When you switch on the air conditioning system, it quickly achieves your desired temperature in the room since the compressor can immediately run at full speed after start-up. When the temperature you want is already reached, the inverter regulates the compressor to run slower or faster without switching on and off, so there is minimal or no fluctuations, always providing you with the maximum comfortable environment.

It is environment-friendly.

The inverter AC system contributes minor damage to the environment, as the refrigerant used in this unit, the R410a, only contains HFC which means that it doesn’t emit additional chlorine that is responsible for destroying the ozone layer.

However, be mindful of purchasing your inverter air conditioners since some installers opt for continuing to use the cheaper R22, which contains HCFC that is a dangerous potential destroyer of the ozone.

The inverter system is much quieter.

The traditional non-inverter AC units make up a lot of noise which quite often disturbs you in your sleep unless you get used to the sounds. The inverter cooling system saves you from this inconvenience because the compressor housed in the outdoor unit works at a quiet operation.