Refrigerator Maintenance and Repair Tips


Whether you have a brand new refrigerator or a slightly used one, you want to make sure to take care of it. Maintaining it and repairing it will help it last longer allowing you to get so much more for your money. Here are a few tips that you can follow to make sure it works as optimally as possible and lasts as long as possible.

Set the Correct Temperature

When a new refrigerator is delivered, the appliance service technician will take care of setting the new unit’s temperature to the correct setting. In most cases this means that the temperature gets set to about 37 degrees F. If you buy your refrigerator new and set it up yourself, refer to the manual to make sure you know what temperature to set the unit at.

The optimal temperature setting ensures that all foods and beverages are kept cold and fresh. This lets you get the most out of your food dollar.

Keep Your Refrigerator Full

You may not have to stock it completely full, but you do want to make sure to keep it reasonably full. This is because refrigerators work on thermal mass which means they do better when they have more mass contained within them. The emptier a refrigerator is, the harder it has to work.

You could burn its motor out prematurely if there are not enough food items contained inside it. Stock your refrigerator and freezer with plenty of meat, dairy items and more. You will get to enjoy fresher foods, especially when the refrigerator’s motor can work at its best to keep everything at the right temperature.

Make it a point to vacuum the coils regularly. Also, make sure the seals on the door are secure. If the light bulb goes out, you can easily buy a replacement bulb and fix that yourself. For anything else, you will want to first troubleshoot it using your manual.

If that does not work, always contact an authorized refrigeration repair person to fix your refrigerator. It could be unsafe to attempt any repairs on your own, and in some instances, it could void the warranty that is on the refrigerator. Follow the tips above and your refrigerator will last.

Top Mistakes Homeowners Make In Heating Their Home

With the looming Arctic blast set to wrap its way into various locations around the United States, thermostats need to work overtime for efficient heating of a room. In turn, this leads to high heating costs for many homeowners. However, various techniques would ensure these bills remain as low as possible this winter. Here are top mistakes homeowners make in heating their homes, and how you would avoid such pitfalls in the upcoming months.

  1. Turning Up the Thermostat Too High To Quickly Heat A Cold Room

When you come home to a cold room, it may be tempting to turn the thermostat up into the 80s for the room to gain heat faster. However, thermostats do not work like accelerators on a vehicle, and turning the heat up to blistering levels will not warm your home any faster. Therefore, just be patient, as this would save you money.

  1. Turning Thermostats Way Down During the Night

According to Home Sessive, It is best to avoid extremes when it comes to using your thermostat. If you let the temperatures in your home fall drastically overnight, it will require too much work from your heating system to heat your home in the morning. Therefore, this could cost you and shoot up your utility bills.

  1. Overworking Thermostats That Have Limits

If you desire to have your home at 70 degrees, and your thermostat has a limit of 66 degrees, turning the thermostat up to 74 degrees to make up the difference is an enormous mistake. The furnace would be forced to work far beyond its designed capability. As an alternative, find out what is causing the problem and take care of it. Heat may be escaping in your home, or you may have to replace a faulty furnace.

  1. Heating an Empty House

In the contemporary world, which involves controlling everything from a phone application, one of the simplest ways of saving money would be to install a remotely adjustable system. Heating a vacant room is one of the quickest ways of wasting money, and a programmable thermostat would save a lot of money every year. Give your thermostat a daily break, but do not overdo it.

  1. Closing Your Curtains on a Sunny Day

When the house is vacant, open up the curtains to allow sufficient warm sunlight into your room. Gaiam Life stated that it is crucial that every south-facing window is left uncovered. Solar heat can go a long way in heating your home and helping to offer the furnace a break in the warmest hours of the day.

TIP: Keep every window clean. Dusty or dirty windows do not allow much sunlight into the room, costing you excessive heating power.

  1. Keeping Windows Open

During summer, it is common for homeowners to experience dilemmas between opening the windows or keeping them shut and let the AC do the hard work of keeping a room cool. It would be understandable if you forgot to shut these windows up before the arrival of the cold weather. However, take time and ensure every window is locked and sealed to prevent warm air from escaping.

Tow Truck Dilemma- How To Choose Tow Truck

Not everyone would think that a truck company would be any different when choosing one from another. After all, a tow truck company provides a basic service of towing your vehicle from point A to point B. It is not rocket science and one  truck company should be the same as the next. However, the truth of the matter is that they are not all the same. So, how to choose tow truck company can be tricky.


Therefore, when you are about to choose a tow truck company for whatever reason you want to consider the following point. The first point and probably the most important point is whether or not the tow truck company provides 24 hour/7 day per week service. This is one of the most important aspects to any tow truck company.


The reason why this type of service is critical for you as a vehicle driver is that you never know when your car is about to break down. It always seems to break down at the most inconvenient time and location. For example, let’s say you and your family are coming home from a vacation in the mountains. You decide to leave early in the afternoon so that you will get home before it gets dark.


Unfortunately, along the way your car engine starts to overheat and you need to pull over and let the radiator cool down and then fill it up with water. You think that you have the problem solved but a few miles down the road it overheats again. The problem is that your radiator has a hole in it and even when you  fill it up with water the water evaporates quickly once the motor is running.


So there you are, stuck in the middle of nowhere with a car that does not work and a family that is getting very impatient. What makes matters worse is that there is virtually no traffic and it will probably be until daylight until someone drives by. Fortunately, your cell phone works and therefore you can call a tow truck company.


A good tow truck company can dispatch a tow truck to your location within a couple of hours. They will hook you up and tow you and your family safely into civilization where you can call a taxi to take you the rest of the way home. When you go to make the call there is a voice recording that says that the truck company only operates from 7 in the morning until 7 in the evening, Monday through Friday. For this very reason you  will want to be careful when on how to choose tow truck company.

Should You Hire a Contractor to Paint the Interior of Your House?

Should You Hire a Contractor to Paint the Interior of Your House?

Keeping the home beautiful and attractive can take a significant amount of time, money and energy. However, an excellent paint job can add curbside appeal to your home in very simple and effective ways. Investing in interior house painting is a very good idea if you want to give an instant boost to the feel of your home since it gives you a feeling of pride as you walk through to your door and your home looks brilliant. Some would say this is a very easy job – it can be without a doubt, but sometimes can opposite.

(JPEG Image, 960 × 300 pixels)Before you grab a pair of paintbrushes and paint, you should consider if hiring a professional contractor is better than having you up on a ladder painting the exterior of your house. While it may sound and look simple, exterior house painting is a complex job that requires the right combination of skills and equipment in order to be successful. So, before you think of doing it yourself, consider the benefits of hiring a contractor in transforming your home from so-so to extraordinary.

What you can expect from hiring a professional contractor?

Firstly, exterior house painting requires more than just having the right tools. Rather, it involves specialized skillsets to achieve the goals of the project. A homeowner can have great imagination and basic knowledge in exterior house painting, but to accomplish what he or she has in mind for the house is not guaranteed. Hiring someone who knows the ins of painting a house will save you from the headaches, excessive expenses and wasted time. In this way, you will save your time, money and effort.


Secondly, a professional contractor will be able to address problems encountered during the paint job, which are not so uncommon like many people think. We are fully aware that things can go wrong in interior house painting and finding solutions to them can be very stressful for someone who has no experience whatsoever in painting. Older homes can be challenging to paint since you can find rotting surfaces, cracks, or falling objects that you have no idea how to deal with them. A contractor will definitely know how to handle such problems due to previous experience and training.


Lastly, a contractor will relieve you from the stress and frustrations of interior house painting. You can enjoy time with your family and friends, concentrate on your work and even have time for yourself. While finding a good contractor can be a challenge these days, you can always ask your neighbors, your local hardware or someone knowledgeable on the topic for referrals. Talk to them first and if you feel you can communicate well with them, you can be confident that they will understand what you want for your home. Make sure you are on the same page to ensure a smooth transformation and a lovely house by the end of the contract.

Watch the following step-by-step video showing how to paint a room, with expert advice and top tips to help you complete the job with confidence.